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Marianne McGuire has a background in Fine Art. She studied History of Art, managed a fine art gallery, worked in fine art auctioneering and has been an artist since she was eighteen. She has exhibited in galleries and sold her work at fine art auctions. Her work is in private collections around the world.

She has studied metaphysics and transformation for over two decades and her art reflects this. “I want to impart a feeling that goes beyond language. I want to share what I have experienced in deep meditation so that the silent observer in you… your spirit, is evoked. By conveying an atmosphere of light, I am inviting you to focus your attention on a magical journey. I feel that art can be used as a portal through which universal consciousness can be felt. This magical journey is very real. We move from the shadow towards the light where there is no duality; no separation between the individual and the universal… only Oneness. Through the portal of the present moment, we can merge with this loving power. So, painting what I feel when I am ‘in beingness’ is my passion so that the viewer is transported to a space of truth… who they really are. My mission is to connect with the beauty that already exists all around us; within and without, to inspire and uplift those who own my pieces.”

Marianne continues: "… Yes, my background is in Fine Art, I studied History of Art, managed a fine art gallery, worked in fine art auctioneering and have been an artist since I was eighteen. I have to say though, none of that matters when I am standing in front of the easel – all that matters is being connected to – being awareness. That’s where the inspiration comes from; that’s where the beauty comes from. Being open, in the moment to receiving and being creative, and every painting is like the first time every time for me. As if I’ve never done it before and it’s as if I have no past, no qualifications; none of that matters. I have found that I am a channel for this energy (as are you). The present moment is a portal to the eternal. When I paint, it’s from a state of presence. This is where the magic is and it is available for you in every moment. Intuition is the language of the realm of inspiration. The heart is the portal to this timeless realm. You “enter” this realm by being present; you go beyond time and space and enter the realm of the eternal. This is who you really are; Oneness… no separation. This is my commitment to you so that I can create pieces that are imbued with this energy; the viewer can be drawn in and “enter” the now more easily. Because I connect with this space before and during the creation of my paintings, they are birthed for here and that’s why who you really are – beyond your conditioning – responds to these paintings. My desire is for you to allow yourself to feel this magical energy in your everyday life. I wish you all the best of everything!"

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